Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Using basil in your Spring salad? Hell yes!

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In 2009, TheKithcn blogged about adding fresh basil to green salads. We couldn't agree more.

Traditionally thought of as an herb or spice element to accent dishes, we've found through experimentation that actually adding sliced basil (perhaps half a cup or so) to your salad adds a dimension of freshness and a zing that can replace lemon zest, and even the vinegar in your dressing.

As a big advocate of basil, I urge you to give it a shot. It perfectly compliments arugula and spinach salads. Plus, like I mentioned previously, you'll find that you may not need to use a vinegar based dressing. If fact, I (Don) have been able to convert my wife to become a "olive oil only" dressing user. The simpler, the better folks!

TIP: To avoid bruising the basil (yes it bruises), roll the leaves up before slicing. The result is clean, bruise-free strips of fresh basil. 

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