Sunday, February 10, 2013

Simple Napa-Montreal Poultry Rub

Montreal steak rub on chicken. Yes, and it's delicious. I also add some pink salt, black pepper and smoked salt. Add a little olive oil and you have a quick and tasty rub to use on poultry (or fish).

I call it my Napa chicken rub because we sourced the key components in Napa, California - primarily at Oxbow Public Market. The place is like a miniature boutique mall for foodies. Just about all of the olive oil in our house comes from the Olive Press, and Whole Spice is a great source for hard to find herbs and spices (including the Montreal seasoning blend used in my rub). Another local purveyor of somewhat snotty kitchen and home goods is Napa Style.  They carry a line of really good smoked salts as well as Calabria style sauces & pastes.

I'm finding that more often than not, the more simple the recipe, the better the dish. Tonight I grilled chicken breasts with the Napa rub and served it on a bed of baby kale and sliced radish.
That's about all you need to make a great rub.

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